Get Vaccinated at OPTIMAX!

SINOVAC VACCINE for aged 12 and above

Optimax Eye Specialist Centre has been chosen as a vaccination centre to administer COVID-19 vaccines to all our fellow Malaysians under the support from the Ministry of Health.

Being one of the pioneer in mobile truck vaccination, we are honoured and committed in being part of the vaccination program that is a continuation of a pilot project initiated by the government in line with The National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme.

Our mobile COVID-19 vaccine trucks managed to improve vaccine accessibility and it has certainly achieved its mission to inoculate people in rural housing estates. Up to date, we have reached up to 90 locations (and counting) in bringing the COVID-19 vaccine to our citizens doorsteps.

On top of that, with the authorisation from the Ministry of Health and Pharmaniaga, a few OPTIMAX branches nationwide are now permanent COVID-19 vaccine centres. We are taking on the responsibility in raising the vaccination rates to achieve a transition towards normalcy

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