Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA)

Customised ASA is an alternative method to correct short-sightedness, long-sightedness and astigmatism. In ASA, the corneal flap creation is no longer required. Only the top layer of the cornea (epithelium) will be removed, before the Customised Excimer Laser is applied. The vision and corneal recovery period may take a little longer than other LASIK procedures, but the outcome is similar.

ASA Treatment

  1. In ASA, the top skin layer of the cornea (the epithelium) is gently removed to allow the Excimer laser to be applied to the inner layers of the cornea.
  2. The Excimer laser is used to reshape the inner layers of the cornea, thus changing the eye’s power.
  3. Once treated with the Excimer laser, a bandage contact lens is then placed over the cornea to protect the treated area.

ASA Procedures

Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA)


Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA)


Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA)


Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA)



  • Safe
  • Painless, fast and comfortable
  • Bladeless
  • Flapless
  • Customised
  • Excellent vision quality
  • For thin corneas
  • Saves corneal tissue
  • Likely to treat cornea with scars

Recommended for those who:

  • Require an alternative to Femto-LASIK or SMILE
  • Have thinner corneas
  • Have a scar on the cornea (due to previous eye infection or injuries)

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ASA-S is a Customized Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA) procedure performed using the SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS excimer laser.



STEP 1: The SCHWIND Combi Wavefront Analyzer measurements are taken prior to starting treatment.

STEP 2: The corneal skin (epithelium) is gently removed from the cornea.

STEP 3: The inner layers of the cornea are reshaped using the SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS excimer laser, thus correcting the eye’s power.

STEP 4: Once treated with the excimer laser, a bandage contact lens will be placed on the cornea for 1 week to allow regrowth of the epithelium.


The SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS laser is currently one of the highest performing, fastest excimer laser in the market with an unprecedented 7D eye tracker. A shorter treatment time aided by a unique eye tracker produces accurate results.

Prior to the treatment, your eyes are measured by the SCHWIND Combi Wavefront Analyzer, a powerful diagnostic system that provides complete corneal analysis and treatment planning.

Advantages of Amaris 1050RS:

  • One of the fastest excimer laser in the world – shorter fixation time and therefore shorter treatment time.
  • Automatic Fluence Level Adjustment (AFLA) – an ideal balance between high and low laser fluence values lead to optimum smoothening of the cornea.
  • Intelligent Thermal Effect Control (ITEC) – corneal tissue heats minimally for a gentler treatment.
  • Machine eye tracker of up to 7 dimensions (including space and time) - better treatment accuracy and offers the ultimate level of safety.

Brochure (PDF) LASIK FAQs

Advantages of ASA-S:

  • One of the safest treatment for eyes with thin corneas
  • Painless, fast and comfortable
  • Bladeless
  • Potential to treat cornea with scars
  • Excellent vision quality
  • Upgradable to ASA-PRO*

ASA-PRO* is a full wavefront-guided ASA-S for patients with poor initial vision quality and night vision. A wavefront-guided treatment is important to maximize vision results for these specific patients.

* This upgrade is only via the treating doctor’s recommendation after a complete eye examination is done.


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