CEO Profile - Sandy Tan

Sandy Tan graduated with an honours degree in Law. She has been instrumental in building the marketing team and brand image of Optimax Eye Specialist Centre.

Starting her career in the operations and marketing departments, Sandy brings her experience from various fields to the table, from her experience with a local financial institution in the Capital Markets and Equity department.

Having worked her "left-brained" or the logical, analytical, and objective side of hers for a long time, Sandy subsequently decides to look into her more creative side where she took up fashion design studies in London. Upon completion, she returned home to Kuala Lumpur and joined a homegrown fashion label with 40 outlets in the region in the buying and merchandising department. These variety of job assignments developed Sandy as an all-rounder.

In Optimax Eye Specialist Centre, Sandy dedicated herself to endless business development activities and the implementation of the group’s marketing strategy. From hosting marketing events all over the country to attending board meetings, Sandy played a central role in the development of the company. Her innate flair for marketing and passion for her craft shone through, and has earned the confidence of the board of directors to eventually appointed her as the Chief Executive Officer since 2015.

Her character that is people-centric is certainly much needed in today’s corporate world and her vision and mission in life is certainly in the right place!