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Amblyopia is commonly known as lazy eyes. It happens when the affected eye fails to develop normal vision during early childhood. Amblyopia is best treated as early as possible, between 4 to 6 years old. A comprehensive pre-school eye examination with your ophthalmologist will help early detection and ensure treatment success.

Common Causes of Lazy Eyes:

Amblyopia often occurs when one eye sees blur and the other eye sees normal, but the brain only processes the normal view. Below are some of the common causes of Amblyopia:

  • Uncorrected refractive error (long-sightedness, astigmatism and short-sightedness)
  • Large differences in refractive error between both eyes
  • Strabismus (squint)
  • Vision obstruction by droopy eyelid, childhood cataracts etc.
lazy eyes vision comparison

Lazy Eyes Treatments

At OPTIMAX, we recommend that every parent should have their child screened for lazy eyes to ensure that their vision is unaffected later on in life. Amblyopia can be treated in 2 steps:

  • Providing good vision (wearing glasses and treating all vision obstructions)
  • Occlusion therapy. This is done by patching the good eye and forcing the poorer eye to develop clearer vision.

The child has to be monitored regularly after starting the treatment, as vision improvement may take weeks to years.

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