Myopia Control For Children

Myopia, also referred to as nearsightedness or shortsightedness, is a condition whereby the light or image entering the eyes is wrongly focused causing the eyeball to elongate and increase in axial length. Growing children show a tendency of worsening myopia when the body grows rapidly. With myopia control treatment, we can slow down and control the progression of myopia from becoming too high.

Why Myopia Control Is Important

Myopia cannot be cured, however, it can be treated to slow or even stop it from progressing or getting worse. At Optimax, we measure and estimate your child’s power and axial length growth for the next 5 years using Myopia Master. With the help of Myopia Master, we plan the best treatment to slow down myopia and the accelerated growth of the eye, avoiding your child’s vision from deteriorating and decreasing the lifelong risk of serious eye diseases led by high myopia.

Risk Factors Of Myopia In Children

Children with the following risk factors may increase the likelihood of developing myopia.

  • Genetics. Myopia is more common among East Asian ethnic groups, especially Chinese ethnicity.
  • Hereditary. Nearsightedness runs in families. If one of the parents is myopia, the risk of developing myopia increases. If both parents are nearsighted, the chance is increased.
  • Prolonged close-up activities and screen time. Prolonged closed-up activities which include reading and digital devices are associated with an increased risk of myopia.
  • Environmental conditions. Studies stated that a lack of outdoor activity may increase the incidence of myopia.

Myopia Control Treatments

Treatment depends on the timing, type and severity of the squint. In children, squints are treated to improve their eyesight and binocular vision. Treatments for childhood squint include:

  • Myopia Control Glasses
  • Myopia Control Contact Len
  • Atropine 0.01%
  • Ortho-K lens


  • Qualified Paediatric Optometrists work closely with Orthoptist and Ophthalmologists to diagnose and provide the best myopia control treatment for your child.
  • Your one-stop centre for Myopia Control treatment where we provide various treatments and also close follow-ups.
  • Having the advanced machine, Myopia Master, not only for diagnosis but to predict the myopia progression of your child in the next 5 years which assists our team in planning the best myopia control treatment.
  • A kids-friendly environment where your child can play and relax before their consultation or during the consultation.