Orthoptist is an eye care practitioner who specialized in the evaluation and treatment of patients with disorders of the visual system with an emphasis on binocular vision and eye movements. Orthoptist serve patients of all ages. Orthoptist focus on the non-surgical treatment of amblyopia and strabismus (squint).

Orthoptist's Profile

What are the tests involved?

The orthoptist will perform a series of test to assess vision, focusing ability, binocular functions and eye movement:

  • Stereofly – to assess 3D vision / Depth perception
  • Worth 4 Dot – Degree of binocular vision
  • Fusional Vergence – Ability to maintain single image
  • Extraocular motility – Eye muscles examination
  • Cover test – Degree of eye movement
  • HESS chart – Function of muscle
  • Vision Test (from 6 month old and above)

What are the treatments provided by orthoptist?

  • Glasses
  • Prism / Fresnel prism
  • Occlusion/ Patching therapy
  • Eye exercise/ therapies

Who should see an orthoptist?

  • Visual acuity measurements (All ages including infants as young as 6 months old)
  • Lazy eye
  • Squint
  • Double vision

Recommended Frequency of Eye Examination

AGE Eye Examination Intervals
Infant Begins examination at the age of 6 months old and continue as advised.
2 – 6 years old A full examination can carried out when child able to recognise figures.
< 40 years old Every 2 years or as advised.
Above 40 years old Yearly or as advised.
People who wearing glasses or contact lenses
People who has health problems (e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension) 6 monthly or as advised


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